Tiering by Interest by Tamara Rice

Heacox states, “Today’s classrooms reflect growing diversity in student learning needs, preferences, interests, and readiness.” Since the success of our students is the primary goal for our students there must be a way to reach ALL students even when they are on different levels. But how do we get ALL students to be successful? Well, tiering by interest is a great place to start.

· Tiering by interest is a learning activity prescribed by the teacher based on the student’s interests.

Since tiering assignments are for when there are different developmental stages in one classroom, every assignment does not have to be tiered. But when tiering by interest is needed, the interests of the students must be found.

· The interests of the students can be found by giving the students an interest survey.

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After the interests of the students are found, the next step is to find an assignment, project, lesson, or strategy that will meet the student’s interests. Since the project is tiered it can be similar, but meet different group’s interests by varying the project for each level or group.

Since tiering does not divide the student’s evenly, some students might work on their own or in varying size groups. Each interest project should be structured to match the ability level of the student/group along with interest level.